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Surface Guard Tape
Formerly referred to as helicopter/leading edge tape. Surface Guard Tape is an extremely tough, clear or black, conformable polyurethane tape. This tape provides excellent paint protection from punctures, tearing, abrasion and erosion. Available in an indoor grade (.009 mil thickness) or an outdoor grade (.014 mil thickness). Indoor grade (.009 mil) is used anywhere it will not be directly exposed to ultra violet light (the sun). If exposed to sun light, it may yellow over time. Outdoor grade (.014 mil) provides excellent protection against ultra violet light, temperature extremes and automotive solvents. Outdoor grade will not yellow over time. Be sure to take note that our Surface Guard Tape is made of Polyurethane Material not PVC or Vinyl. These other types cannot, and will not, take the abuse that polyurethane will.
Applications for surface protection tape are endless. From race cars to passenger cars and trailers, motorcycles, karting, streetrods, boats, semis, tractors, rv's and all in between. Anywhere a surface, unpainted or painted, that is prone to scratching, chipping or weathering, ISC's Surface Guard Tape can do the job.

Here are some examples of our own experiences and customer experiences of the uses of Surface Guard Tape.
Body panels on race cars
Ground effects
Top Fuel wings
Trailer walls
Sprint car wings
Roll cages
Wheel wells
Door & Trunk locks
Door edges
Hood edges
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